Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello Kitty Gift Bag


I made a Hello Kitty handbag for a friends daughter and wanted to package the gift in a Hello Kitty Theme, but when I looked in the stores could not find any so I decided to make one myself and it is also for the challenge over at Project Tuesday (be sure to visit as they are releasing their new digi range).

Here is what I did.

1. I found a coloring in page of Hello Kitty's head (right click as save image as... if you want to use the image below for your own bags)

2. I cut it out of silver cardstock

3. I cut the "sides" of the bag, a piece of card stock 15" x 2/1/2". I scored the card along the long edge at 1/2" and 2", and made small cuts all the way along both edges so I could follow the curve of the Kitty's head.

I glued the band around the head, see pic below.

View from the side.

And the finished product.


Freebie: Right click on the image below and save image as.. to save the holly leaf outline, I used a 11/2" punch to punch out the circle in the center of the holly leaves.

What's inside?

A hello Kitty handbag made from felt!

The Hello Kitty felt handbag has a velcro closure and a chain handle. (My son is modeling the handbag above -LOL!)

The bow comes off as it is attached with velcro and I am also making a flower and holly leaf to alternate as needed.

And what's inside the felt handbag?

A felt purse

Open view of the purse, ribbon pulls the purse closed.

The duo

 and the trio.

Thanks for looking and happy crafting.


Leah said...

What wonderful projects!
I bet they were fun to put together also!
And I saw the other project as've done really well and making these special items!
Merry Christmas!

Sophia said...

My little girl is obsessed with Hello Kitty. I will HAVE to make that purse for her, and I'm sure she's going to love you forever. :) Thanks for sharing!