Friday, December 11, 2009

Have you seen all the tutu tutorials around the web!


I have seen some really great tuts for tutus (here is a good one), and I just HAD to give one a try to give as a gift. While I was making the child sized one, it dawned on me to make a matching one for a teddy to be added to the gift which could also be used on the recipients other smaller dolls- so they can play dress up together (LOL).

I also couldn't stop at the tutu so I purchased a cheap t-shirt and added some sparkle and made a wand to go with too.
 Not clear from images but I added strands of
ribbon at intervals around the tutu and added
a double bow to the front of the tutu.


Close up of top and tutu:
    Used glitter applique glue to make the "glitter" beads
    around the neckline.

And the wand: I used a length of place that is hollow and inserted a ribbon through trying a large bead to the top and bottom, I pulled it tight so that the top bead doesn't flop around, added some ribbons around the top and viola- super easy.

And she needs something to carry this outfit in now!

So I made this, you can find instructions for the tote/purse here (Note: scroll down the page to get to the tutorial on this link).

Here is the little teddy with its own "itty bitty" tutu (can be used on other dolls as well).

Added a ballet shoe charm to the tutu and
free cut a felt crown to turn the ted into a
ballerina princess.


Thanks for looking.

Happy Crafting


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