Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Tree Topiary- (with a tutorial)


A little project I worked on with my boys for the Christmas table this year.

Very simple to do and they loved that they got to help.

Here is what we did for the "blue" topiary:

The materials needed:
Polystyrene Trees
Polystyrene Balls
Craft pins
Bamboo Skewers
Various beads
Metal bucket

1. Paint the polystyrene trees, I inserted the skewer into the tree to aid with the painting. Set aside to dry.

2. Once dry embellish as desired, I used craft pins to attach blue beads to the tree (aka baubles) and wound tinsel around the tree.

3. Once embellished remove skewer and set tree aside.

4. Take the skewer and cut it to the desired length. I tied a bow around the skewer at this point as I find it difficult to make a good bow at the end. Insert the blunt end of the skewer into the polystyrene ball.

5. Place some sticky tack into the bottom of the bucket (this just secures the ball in the bucket), you could also hot glue the ball in place.

6. Insert the tree onto the skewer.

7. Add the angel to the top of the tree- insert the angel using the end of the pin used to put the angel together.

8.  Fill the bottom of the bucket with polyester fiber fill.

9. Take a strand of tinsel and wind it around the base of the tree.


Viola you have your Christmas tree topiary!

Happy crafting.


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Chic Mommy said...

Wow those look amazing. Im going to have to try those...probably next year since my craft plate is overflowing...Thanks for visiting my blog.