Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slider Purse My First template download

The size of the lid and bottom are 8.5"(w) X 5"(h) each. Once you download the template (which it to size) you will have a printed A4 as per the picture below.

Along the long side score at 0.5", 2", 4.5" and 6". Turn page and score short side at 1.5".  You should make two of these as one is the lid and the other the base.

Cut where indicated by dotted lines and score on solid lines, cut away the piece marked with an X.
Cut out the band which is 8.5" X 1", and score as per the box at 0.5", 2", 4.5" and 6". You should now have pieces that look like this.
Fold your box and glue it together. Once glued make a hole using a hole  punch on either side of the lid and bottom for the ribbon to go through about 0.6" in.
Fold and score the band and place it around the bottom of your lid. The band should hang over the lip of the lid by at least 0.5". 
Thread the ribbon through the hole in the one side of the bottom of the box from the inside to the outside, secure and then thread it into the lid from the outside in, take the ribbon over the lid putting it through the outside of the lid hole on the other side and then into the bottom hole from the outside in, secure. (not sure if this is Greek!!), but if you look at the pictures below in this post you should get what I am saying.

I hope this helps with using the template- I'm new at this - my first, hopefully I'll get better.


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J said...

This is beautiful and would be so fun to make!! I downloaded the template but it does not provide measurements of original paper size. Would you share that with instructions? Thank you!