Friday, September 11, 2009

Slider Purse

Ok - I'm back again (!)

Blogging overload, but I just can't wait to share my next creation. My eldest son has been invited to a party and I came up with this little purse to put some extra, "girlie" presents into. I have never seen a purse/box like this on any of the blogs before, so I hope I'm the first. Here is a picture of the purse closed.
Can you see the ribbon on the left comes out at the bottom and disappears under the lid and comes out at the top. This happens on both sides so that the lid slips up along the ribbon to open! Hopefully these other pictures will help you see what happens.

(P.S sorry about the color of the pictures but the sun kept on coming and going as I was taking photos)
The first picture shows some of the goodies I put inside, a mini tiara, some braclets, hair clips and a heart pencil.
I love these images from CC Designs, the are so easy to use. The sentiment is a rub on I have had in my stash for a long time now and the image was colored using copics. The mini flowers are from Making Memories.
If anyone is interested I can try put a tutorial together for this purse. Let me know.

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Kathy T said...

This is so adorable. With 3 granddaughters I would love a tutorial. Thanks for sharing.