Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter crafting with my class

Hello Fellow Crafters

Well here n South Africa we have school holidays for two weeks, starting from today. So I have spent the last week making Easter crafts with my class of 3 year olds. Here are the things we made.

First up is what I call a "Rocking Chick". This chick is made by folding a paper plate in half, getting a set of each child's hand prints for the tail feathers and using a circle for the head and a triangle for the beak. As the name indicates when the chick is placed on a flat surface it be pushed so that it rocks to and fro on its own.

Second is a chick, still in its nest, which is newly hatched. Due to the age of the children in the class I tried incorporating the symbols of Easter i.e. chicks = new life and at  Easter Jesus gives us new life as discussing the crucifixion and resurrection are not within a 3 year old's scope of understanding.

Thirdly we made these bunny egg holders, I sat with each child individually over a 2 day period making these as I wanted  them to do as much of the assembling as they could on their own. The bunny is assembled out of two long strips of paper which are bent into two tubes. I with copy off the pattern and post it later this weekend.

Here are a couple of other ideas from my co workers that I fancied:
This cross was made using egg cartons cut in the shape of a cross, ribbon was then used to criss cross down the length of the cross and Easter flowers were colored in and stuck onto the cross.

These crosses are printed onto a light yellow, lightweight paper and then painted with vegetable oil on the reverse side. You don't get the full effect from the picture, but the yellow becomes translucent and the light shines through the yellow making the cross and its detail stand out dramatically.

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