Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parties I've done for my kids over the years. (Freebies)

Hi Fellow Crafters

For me it's that time of the year when I start to plan my sons birthday parties, I get them to choose a theme and start planning the decor and looking out for ideas to complete the theme- some may think me crazy but their birthdays are in 3 months time- I need that long to get organised.

My youngest has decided on a chef party and my eldest is still mulling it over.

All this party talk led me to looking back at past parties. Take a look at what I have done in the past.

A Mickey party - that turned into a Mickey on a train party (hence the cake-LOL) as my son decided 2 days before that he would rather have a train party (who can deny a 3 year old their wish!).

Above is the view of the undecorated cake.

Then came the bugs and butterflies party, with a bug "box" and butterfly net as take home gifts together with balloon "worm/caterpillars". A snail cake and worms in dirt (sour worms in chocolate pudding).  A big ugly spider for a pinata (my first attempt at a pinata).
I used a mini peg with a ladybug to decorate the drinking straw and made spiders out of pipe cleaners. If you look closely you can see the bug in dirt, I decorated the container to look like a lady bug.

Here's my really ugly spider pinata. The kids still enjoyed hitting it though.

For their 3rd and 6th birthdays my sons decided on a Peter Pan and Tink party and a Lilo and Stitch (Hawwain) theme.

The Peter Pan party saw guests take home Tink wings and skirts and the boys a Peter Pan green outfit. The cake was a pirate ship and guests got there own treasure chest "cupcake". Needless to say the pinata was a pirate ship too. I also made balloon swords for a "good" pirate fight.

The take home dress up clothes.


I made very simple loot bags and appliqued a pirate ship on the front.
See below for the template to make the ship sweet holder. The site I got it off no longer exists.
For the pinata I enlarged the template below and constructed the hull out of lightweight chip board- it was really tough to break open.
The balloon sword.
FREEBIE: Yours to copy  and use, right click on the invite and ship below and save image as...

For the Lilo and Stitch Party we did the whole Hawaiian theme with welcome leis and a welcome "mocktail". The pinata was a large pineapple and the guests got to take home the leis, sunglasses and a little sling bag (loot bag). The cake was very simple with Stitch in his space ship and each guest got a little piece of paradise in the form of a cupcake decorated with sand and sea with an umbrella and a gummy man sunbathing.



FREEBIE: Yours to copy  and use, right click on the invite below and save image as...

Then came the mad scientist party,  with lanyard, lab coat and mad scientist glasses held at a science lab were they conducted experiments with the guests.

My son decorated his own "mad science" cake on his own. 

FREEBIE: Yours to copy  and use, right click on the invite below and save image as...

Soooo now down to the real business of creating. I have already designed one take on the  chef invite, so stay tuned as I have a template to share soon.

Happy crafting

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