Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bunny Wristlet Pouch

Hi Fellow Crafters

OK, I know I am way too early with Easter, but I am starting work on Monday (after a 8 year break and a total change in career!) so I need to get a head start on crafting for Easter as my new job is as a pre-k teacher and I will be needing to do Easter crafts with my group. Well, this one I can't do with them, but looking through various projects seemed to spark something in me to create this pouch, into which all sorts of Easter eggs can be placed.

Introducing my Bunny Wristlet Pouch (with template below).

I inserted a ribbon through a channel at the top of the pouch to "gather" it in. The ribbon forms a small "handle" to place around your wrist to hold the pouch- as can be seen in the back view of the pouch below.

An open view of the pouch.
And the contents.

Now for the template and how to:
1. Template:
   FREEBIE: Right click on image below and save image as......
2. How to:
1.    Cut out one body piece. Sew a channel along the top edge of the body piece as indicated by the
       sewing line. Fold the top edge down to the sewing line and sew a 1/4" in from the line.
2.    Cut out 4 ear pieces- I did this as my felt is very soft and I fused two ear pieces together so that 
       the ears would stand up.
3.    I them cut my two inner ear pieces and fused (you could also glue them)them into the center of 
       the ears.
4.    I stitched the ears onto my body piece, following the stitches I had already made, positioning  
       them on the side that would be the front of my bunny.
5.    I then folded the body piece together and sewed it along the side and bottom edge.
6.    Cut the eyes, nose, teeth and cheeks and position as desire, glue down.
Viola - you have your Bunny Wrislet Pouch.

Happy crafting.


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Felissa Hadas said...

Stopping by with Marketing Monday. Hope you had a great start to your week.