Sunday, February 28, 2010

Felt Fruit- Pear with template and tutorial

Hi Fellow Crafters

Keeping with my class theme - foods we eat, I came up with a pattern for a pear. My youngest squealed with joy when he saw the couple I made and promptly went to fetch his shopping basket from the toy room to "purchase" the newly made pears. Needless to say I was thrilled that he liked them and promptly designed an apple to go with the pears- but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that template ;-)

OK, so let's get started with the HOW TO:
1. Cut out the pieces using the pattern at the end of the how to
2. Pin the leaf to the center of the top curve of one of the pieces, facing in and down (sorry no pic of
    this step)
3. Place the two pieces together, with the leaf on the inside and stitch around the pieces leaving the 
    bottom straight edge open.

    (Close up of the top to show the top of leaf sticking out a bit)
4. Turn inside out.

5. Fill the inside of the pear with polyester filling and run a gathering stitch around the straight edged 

6. Pull the gathered edge in tight and secure.
Viola you have your pear.

And know for the pattern:
You know what to do- right click on the image and save image as.... and it is all yours for personal use only please.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Paola, this is great! I never would have thought of gathering the pear on the bottom myself! Thanks so much for visiting craft schooling sunday and hope to see you again next week!